Medical Aid

Taking care of your family should be a priority and if you can not because of high prices of Medical Aids and Health Insurance, this should not be a reason. You can get the best possible deal through Medical Aids and Health Insurance Quotes.

We will help you find the best Medical Aids and Health Insurance quotes from SA’s leading providers:

Affordable Medical Aid

We understand that sometimes you might want to know how much does other medical aid providers charge but due to the fact that there is just a lot to choose from you endup choose without comparing the prices, we can help you get the quotation from all the leading Medical Aid providers in South Africa.

Health Insurance Plans

If you want an alternative to Medical Aid then a Health plan is for what you need, you can get an affordable health cover for you and your whole family for private hospital and healthcare visits. Our hospital plans are an affordable alternative to medical aid.

And Be Covered for the Following:

  • Use any GP of your choice
  • Dental visits are included
  • Optometry is included
  • Maternity is included
  • Scripted Medication is included
  • Hospitalisation is included
  • Emergency assistance is included
  • And much much more…

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